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Orlog Capital is a Hong Kong based investment manager.  Our fund was established to protect and grow the assets of our founder's family and partners through investments in global equities.

It is our belief that markets are inefficient, biased and constantly offering opportunities for discerning investors to purchase companies at big discounts to fair value.  Over the long term, we aim to generate attractive returns by carefully investing in a concentrated portfolio of high conviction stocks.  At market extremes or when we have difficulty finding sufficiently discounted bargains, we protect our investment capital by holding an unrestricted amount of cash.  The fund has an Asia bias given the manager's view that the inefficiencies in these markets are often large.

Please see About Us and the Orlog Capital Model for further details.

Our Founder/CIO: John Qiu, was featured in The Hedge Fund Journal's "Tomorrow's Titans 2023" article.  A copy of his profile article can be found here.  The entire report can be downloaded here.

On July 3, 2024 we began to actively engage with Dada to improve transparency, alignment of interest and shareholder returns.  A copy of our letter to Dada's board and management is found here.  We also urge other shareholders to contact the company:

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