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The word Orlog means 'primal layers' and is from an ancient Anglo/Norse belief in a fluid fate influenced by past choices.  The metaphor illustrating this idea starts with leaves, representing our actions, falling from the Tree of Life.  Some leaves fall onto the ground and are lost, some fall into the Well of Wyrd where they mix with the waters which are then used by the Three Sisters to water the Tree of Life.  This recursive cycle builds layers of past deeds (Orlog), which shape individual destinies and thereby the fabric of the universe.

We chose the name Orlog Capital for its meaning reflected in:

Our Foundations
  • The seeds of this fund which comes from the accumulation of knowledge and wealth created by past failures and successes

Our Beliefs
  • The Orlog Capital Model, developed from our past experiences, is a strong framework for delivering investment outperformance

  • Repeatedly searching for facts, testing and evolving our understanding is the best way to maintain the integrity of our investment ideas

Our Purpose
  • Achieving high compounding returns to grow the generational wealth of our investors

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