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Our fund will open to external investors starting June 30, 2024.  This is our Private Placement Memorandum (PPM).

Key terms include:

  • We are only open to Professional Investors.  For individuals, this is defined as holding assets over HK$8 million.  Please see here for the full definitions

  • The minimum initial investment is US$100,000

  • Fund dealing is done quarterly and redemption requests require three months advance notice

  • There is a one year lock up period on subscriptions

  • The buy/sell spread is 0.3%.  This is to cover transaction costs and is retained by the fund (not a Manager fee)

  • The base management fee is 1.5% pa and the performance fee is 20% of returns above the Hurdle.  The Hurdle is the last high water mark plus a non-compounding annual rate of 5%

If you are interested in investing with us or simply being added to our mailing list, please complete the form below.  For prospective investors who include a subscription estimate, we will be in touch with application materials and procedure.

For further queries, email:


Distribution List/Prospective Investor Form

Thank you for your interest

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